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Break Mirrors. Rise above inequality.
Ethical Fashion, Beauty, and Art.
Overcoming inequality and our fight for a clean environment are two critical problems facing our modern world with urgency. As business owners, shoppers, and human citizens, we need to feel there are solutions to chaos.
These two problems are connected, especially in fashion. Not only do fast fashion companies employ slave labor, but they teach us to hate ourselves if we don’t fit a certain “mold.” It creates a perpetual cycle of “glass ceilings,” both real and imagined, just like bars on cages.
That’s not right...
We say...we don’t need them.
Break those “bars” and don’t look back. Shatter mirrors...“glass ceilings,” and stereotypes of all kinds.
We create a freer world when we speak, live, and show our truths. When we shop ethically, we also create a safer, cleaner environment.
Ethical fashion and beauty are our way to change the world. They’re how we protect our environment, reduce slave labor, and teach others to break stereotypes. They’re our statement, emblems, a voice.
We will never create the lifeless, throwaway crap rampant in fast fashion. We demand eco-friendly and ethical. Equality for all, not just your little friend circle. This includes animals. We will not use brands who test on them. Ethical and cruelty-free 100 percent.
We need change now.
We can't have an equal, clean world without ethical fashion and beauty.
“Fast fashion” took off in the 1990s; global churn-and-burn has fueled consumption to all-time highs. “Fashion” holds the world’s second-largest carbon footprint (after oil), the second highest water consumption, and exploits slave labor.
Big companies made clothes disposable. That’s why they now fall apart in three washes.
They use an incredible amount of resources, garments fall apart quickly, and end up in landfills. Consumption is projected to rise, and therefore, the negative impacts of “conspicuous consumption” will grow. The only ones happy are fast fashion companies, because they make a lot of money.
People buy more clothes when they only last three washes.
Meanwhile, the consequences for people and the planet are catastrophic. At Broken Mirror, we are not alone in our love of sustainable fashion. We’re part of a much larger movement, called the “fashion revolution.”
Ethical fashion is the future.
We’re a bunch of hippies, earth lovers, scientists, business leaders, and other activists fighting for local, eco-friendly fabrics, and humane wages across the industry. We’ve had enough of fast fashion’s garbage.
To mitigate their corruption, we up-cycle and shop ethically across styles. More importantly, we buy less, keep it longer, and work to discard garments responsibly.
Shop ethically, including used. Act now for a better tomorrow. Together, we can overcome anything.
Team Broken Mirror
“We are Fashion Revolution. We are designers, producers, makers, workers, and consumers. We are academics, writers, business leaders, brands, retailers, trade unions, and policymakers. We are the industry and the public. We are world citizens. We are a movement and a community. We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. We demand radical, revolutionary change. This is our dream.”
From, “A Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution.” Available on www.fashionrevolution.org.