ALOHA Part I: Welcome back to the Blog! – Broken Mirror
ALOHA Part I: Welcome back to the Blog!

Broken Mirror's Blog

ALOHA Part I: Welcome back to the Blog!

ALOHA Part I: Welcome back to the Blog!


ALOHA BMF Family!!

“Regardless of WHAT we do in our lives, our WHY—our driving purpose, cause or belief—never changes.” 

—Simon Sinek

Welcome back to Broken Mirror’s Blog!  

Let’s start fresh! Tequila and lime, fresh! Pour the Margaritas as we talk about our next steps.

Our Blog will have more posts on a wide range of subjects. We love to write and create content!

We’ll post more about breaking mirrors, share interviews, inside brand stories, sustainability, art, discuss our market, our partners (, our designs, photoshoots, ethical beauty, and share more about how we operate. Our goal is to amp up the poetry this year!! :) 

Let’s begin!!...

Part One: Why Broken Mirror?

Mirrors symbolize “truth.” Every time you break one, you break a “standard.”

Take the so-called “beauty standard.” It’s a marketing tactic that tricks us into thinking we’re not good enough, so we’ll buy more of what they’re selling. It’s hideous, not beautiful. The fashion industry is broken, not you. Literally, it’s breaking more and more, every day. 

We don’t believe in this philosophy. It’s led so many to despair, hatred, eating disorders, jealousy, and useless comparison over friendship. We believe that other fashion companies have fostered a mean girl culture encouraging women to hate other women. This too, must go.

Not only are we sick of women feeling like garbage, because they don’t look like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, we’re sick of them trying to make others feel that way too all so someone in a suit at HQ can make another basis point.

We want to know how the hell they sleep at night? Why would anyone encourage this mentality when we see the destruction and evil it brings?

PS: they’re killing the planet while doing it, but what, it’s all okay because the sequins are shiny?...

We want us to spend less time hating the reflection in the mirror and more time loving it. Mirrors? Break them and rise from the ashes of glass shards. Like the phoenix, our brand symbolizes transformation.

We break mirrors with transforming fashion with ethical, sustainable options.

How do you break them?


By Jennifer Lully

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