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ALOHA Part II: Eco Meets Rock and Roll

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ALOHA Part II: Eco Meets Rock and Roll


ALOHA Part II: Eco Meets Rock and Roll


We’re not going to convince people to go from fast fashion to giving up all their clothes. Beauty is perception. It’s personal, based on experience, and hard-wired as a priority in our brains. Eco-fashion shoppers are early adapters. We believe they value the planet over fashion. That’s good!!! Yet within our industry, we need more.

Where’s the Rock and Roll in eco fashion?...

What about everyone else who cares about the planet, but also loves fashion?

Where’s our sustainable option that doesn’t fall apart in a week, or require we possibly file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy from credit card debt?

Some think creating green products is hypocritical as the “most eco-friendly option is not to shop.” We see your point, and if you can live without shopping, we respect and admire you. People will always shop, need new or reused items, and emotions drive decisions. To deny these simple premises is to deny human behavioral science.   

Offering eco products attaches a revenue stream and organization towards worthy causes. Money is a tool! When it supports worthy causes, it builds great things. Money is our voice. We are a collection of our choices. We must accept this inconvenient truth, or we will never solve climate action (let alone anything else), because we can’t come together.

If we can’t come together NOW over Climate Action, it’s not a question of if, but when we will all perish. Welcome to the scientific method, analysis of data, and reality. It’s harsh.

Some companies claim their products are eco-friendly when they’re not. Unsure? Just look at the back. Read the tag. Is it certified organic? Is it recycled? Reused? Local? Treat it just like food.  

The more green options we have, the less unethical options will exist, based on simple laws of economic supply and demand.

This is our world. It’s crumbling one minute at a time. Is it worth saving?... We ask ourselves this, yet we still fight.

BMF is our vehicle to do so.

In everything we do, we create ethical alternatives for a community of souls who believe in inner and outer beauty, who also care about the future of this planet. We believe in equality, in friendship over gossip and feuds. We believe fashion shouldn’t come at such a high social cost. We believe in education over ignorance.

That’s why we founded Broken Mirror to create ethical fashion, beauty, and art. We believe these are solutions to fix our BROKEN system.

This industry is all about change. Except this time, the change needed isn’t a new “color.” It’s the whole structure. Green or buh-bye!

Change takes time. Today, we sell eco-friendly t-shirts. In the future? Expect eco-friendly dresses—more high-end, but affordable. Ralph Lauren started with ties. Rebecca Minkoff took off with a t-shirt design. She donated its proceeds to 9/11. Our goal isn’t to “blow up” online overnight or “go viral.” Our team is creating a sustainable business, which includes designing and creating at a steady pace. It includes structure, organization, repeatable processes, team work, and an innate love for creation.

 You want change? Create it. We did.

 Join us.

By Jennifer Lully

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