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Eco Choices


Some think creating green products is hypocritical as the “most eco-friendly option is not to shop.” We see your point, and if you can live without shopping, we respect and admire you. We are cut from a different cloth. We see clothing as more than cloth. It is an expression of identity. We feel you, our BMF tribe, feel the same.

When shopping we are provided with a multitude of choices – Red or blue, wool or linen…eco-friendly or fast fashion? We also know with the above choices come a plethora of other such as budget, availability, personal style.

We’re not here to shame and try to convince you to go from fast fashion to giving up your whole closet. We’re not here to provide you with a pricey plain tee that will put you in credit card debt. We’re not here to provide you with a shirt that will fall apart after one season.

We’re here to provide you with an eco-conscious, high-quality affordable option that fits your style. We’re also here to stand up and provide an option that has says no to sweatshop conditions, no to harming the planet and gives a healthy middle finger to some of the BS in the world…with a bit of cheek. We’re here as a voice.

Money is a tool and by offering eco products attached to a revenue stream and a worthy cause, it builds great things. Money is our voice and by choosing eco, we make our voice heard. If you value climate change, then use shopping to reflect your values, because we are a collection of our choices.

There is often hesitation to take personal responsibility for our actions, because how can one shirt make a difference? Changes aren’t always big and movements, like waves start with a small gust of wind and grow. We can come together with one purchase, one choice and go from there.

By Jennifer Lully

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