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Using Music to Meditate & Manifest

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Using Music to Meditate & Manifest


Using Music to Meditate & Manifest


Our team works hard, but we meditate harder! When it comes to our brand goals, we align on achieving great things and shattering “glass ceilings.” We come together to achieve positivity. We love finding the right playlist to put us in that kick ass zone!

For mental health awareness, we want to share our eco-warrior, self-care routines.

Whether we’re connecting with our team, designing new fresh pieces, or reading the latest eco-fashion industry updates: music is pivotal. With the past year full of change, it’s been difficult for everyone to center their mind, and getting lost in a familiar melody or discovering a great new artist helps us exhale stress.

A music meditation playlist, especially one with sounds of nature helps quiet thoughts, as we focus on our breathing. Start with one or two tracks that keep your mind clear and your energy focused on breathing. If you find your brain wandering, pause the meditation. Keep a journal close by and write down how that song makes you feel.

When you’re ready to start again, choose a different song, and push play with a fresh outlook. Stay open to meditation if it feels right for you. Each person meditates and relaxes in a unique way!

Certain songs pull up different memories and all of a sudden, self-care turns into a walk down memory lane. Choose songs that will connect you with positive memories or remain neutral to open your mind and creativity.

We are all doing our best making this planet a happy home! A simple music meditation is just one of the things our team promotes, but we’d love to know what you do to ease stress! We are always curious to know other ways to elevate our mind, body and soul. Share your go to meditation practice and a song that elevates your day and mindset in the comments below!

Watch this space for next month’s blog where we let you our top thirty songs to motivate and activate our powerhouse team! Don’t forget to join the tribe and sign-up for our BMF newsletter! You’ll do a dance every time you hear from us and stay in the loop with exclusive deals and team highlights.

By Jennifer Lully

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