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About Us

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From “Lithium:”
 “I’m so ugly, that’s okay, ‘cause so are you. We broke our mirrors.
I love you, I’m not gonna crack.”
A state of perfect quietude, liberation from attachment,
freedom …peaceful. A butterfly flies away.
In the Buddhist context, nirvana refers to the extinguishing
of the fires that cause rebirths and associated suffering.
Nirvana. What’s missing from sustainable fashion?
Rock and roll.
Are you superstitious?...
Break a mirror?  Brings seven years bad luck.
Or a mirror is a portal. It captures souls,
traps them indefinitely.
Narcissists love mirrors.
Looking at themselves makes them feel better.
Perfectionism… a disease. Lacking empathy. 
Science over superstition.
We founded Broken Mirror with passion for chemicals.
Carbon trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Trapped in our oceans.
Our world, on fire. No "debate"... 
Breathing in chemicals. Inversion, gasoline fumes, urban sprawl.
Chemicals soaked in soil. Used to treat plants, grow quicker,
faster like animals in factory farms.
Unnatural, unhealthy. 
Toxic poison. Illnesses, cancers, birth defects.
Chemicals on fabric—formaldehyde soaked fashion.
Flows in our water supply with each wash.
Chemicals in makeup, soap, perfume.
Are you a butterfly?... 
Like butterflies, we embraced change.
Our mission is to break mirrors.
Create beauty with each glass shard.
Sustainable fashion and body positivity.
Upcycle, recycle, true beauty, love, inclusion.
For a better world.